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LifeLabs seeks an innovative educational tool to provide continuing genomics education for frontline healthcare providers to support uptake of genomics tests into routine clinical care.


Genomics, the science of an individual’s genetic makeup, is the backbone and driver toward precision medicine and health.  The field is evolving quickly, and healthcare providers including general practitioners, nurses and pharmacists require practical knowledge on how and when genetics and genomics-enabled technologies can inform everyday practice in an actionable, meaningful way.  
Innovative education tools and approaches targeted for frontline healthcare delivery settings would help pave the way for achieving the potential benefits of these existing and emerging genetic and genomic clinical testing options and ultimately improve and move toward expediting the diagnostic process undertaken in the healthcare provider and patient partnership.  


  • Genetic and genomic education of frontline healthcare providers is limited but evolving.  An increased understanding of clinically relevant genetic/genomic applications would affect the ability, confidence and propensity of providers to have a conversation about potential applications of genomics in the clinic. This in turn would lead to better utilization of existing testing and more efficient referrals to the appropriate specialist.
  • Existing genomics knowledge is largely held by medical specialists (specialized clinicians or genetic counsellors, for example). A much stronger impact could be achieved if genetic/genomics education was more broadly available to the larger community of healthcare providers.
  • Healthcare providers must balance multiple demands on their time both clinically and administratively. Staying current with advances and applications of genomics in their field is a sizable task given this challenge and tools to educate efficiently would be beneficial.


Must have:
Education tool or suite of education tools designed to advance the foundational and practical  knowledge on how and when genetics and genomics-enabled technologies can inform everyday practice taking into account but not limited to the following:
•    Aspects of taking a detailed family history that highlights health issues that may be improved by genomic/genetic testing. Care providers should be familiar with the different triggers for genetic testing such as preconception, prenatally or at the time of a relative’s diagnosis. 
•    As part of the education tool a decision process for determining who would benefit from referral to a clinical genetic service with an understanding of the process to access testing in BC.  
•    Low barrier to access for healthcare providers 

•    Digital format that is freely available/accessible during clinic hours

Note: If a solution provider does not possess the breadth of skills required (content and technical expertise) to deliver a full solution then please contact Genome BC to discuss the possibility of working with a partner solution provider to address this challenge

Nice to have:
•    Low time commitment for providers e.g. 60 – 90 minute per webinar/session
•    Comparison of currently available direct to consumer “recreational” testing versus clinical testing. 
•    A dissemination plan targeting frontline healthcare providers
•    CME accreditation 
•    Assess utilization of genetic testing and number of referrals by physicians before and after the training.

Desired Outcomes and Deliverables


Healthcare providers will have the tools and knowledge to assess the value of genetic testing as part of a medical assessment, feel confident discussing genetics with their patients at a basic level and have the ability to decide which test may be of benefit to different patients. In addition, they will be able to recognize who could benefit from a referral to a clinical genetic service, understand the referral process, be competent in understanding genetic test results and have confidence in implementing management recommendations relevant to their practice. The expectation is not that healthcare providers become specialists in the field of genetics and genomics, but rather understand its utility; how, when and where genomics and genetic testing can be used.


A digital tool or approach to educate healthcare providers on genetics and genomics, both key fundamental concepts as well as areas relevant to family practice and more broadly to general healthcare delivery. The solution should be a resource for healthcare providers to support integration of genetics into front line care and would include information on where the burden of cost would lay in a given scenario.

Performance measures

Suggestion of possible metrics that may be considered include:

  • Determine the comfort of health care providers with genetic information pre and post education via a questionnaire.

Plan for Implementation of Solution

LifeLabs is seeking an end-to-end solution to the challenge and as such may not implement the solution themselves, but will work with the solution provider to support the implementation plan they propose. Therefore it is hoped that each solution will include proposed mechanisms by which the outputs will be implemented, to achieve maximum benefit.

Benefit to BC

Increasingly it is known that a lack of education is a barrier to the uptake of genomics into daily healthcare practice.  The aim is to ensure healthcare providers have access to the knowledge required to identify patients who would benefit from genetic testing. This will in turn reduce lengthy diagnostic journeys, improve patient outcomes and position BC as a leader in the integration of genetics into broad healthcare delivery.

Through this initiative, LifeLabs intends to support the enhancement of practical knowledge of genetic testing and genomics through educational tools and approaches for broad geographical reach.  In this way, LifeLabs commits to supporting BC’s leadership in making precision medicine and health a reality in daily clinical practice in urban and rural settings for the benefit of its citizens and becoming a model for other jurisdictions. 

The Solution Provider will develop effective tool(s) to help healthcare providers use and integrate genetic information into their practice for efficient referral processes. In addition, the tools will ensure access to genetic services at the appropriate time, therefore providing maximum benefit of genetic advancements and precision medicine to their patients. 

About the Sector Partner

LifeLabs is a wholly Canadian owned laboratory diagnostics company committed to a sustainable Canadian healthcare system. Our services extend across the entire laboratory value chain from order creation to results delivery. LifeLabs has an expansive multi-provincial network and delivers over 100 million patient tests per year. Our footprint encompasses over 350 physical collection sites in BC and ON and mobile services to over 750,000 individual homes nationally.  We also provide clinical logistics support, collection arrangements for healthcare facilities, unique bioinformatics and e-health capabilities, and a dedicated specimen transport system. 

LifeLabs knows that genetics is changing healthcare and that it is the future of healthcare in many ways.  We are committed to both defining and framing that future in a way that is meaningful for patients, healthcare professionals and the BC healthcare system.  Our commitment to the future of molecular diagnostics and genetics includes genetics test offerings supported by genetic counsellors and a medical geneticist.   

By working with a BC academic partner, LifeLabs would like to contribute to enhancing the practical knowledge of genetic testing and genomics for healthcare providers beyond the existing limited avenues.  The challenge is intentionally broad with hopes that this open innovation portal will attract a variety of creative approaches and build new partnerships.

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Solution and bid must be submitted by: April 30, 2018