About Genesolve

GeneSolve is an open innovation platform that encourages a collaborative approach to research between Sector Partners across the world and academia in BC by supporting projects that provide genomics solutions to challenges from various sectors.

Genome British Columbia will award up to $250,000 CDN per project, with a 1:1 match from the Sector Partner. No additional co-funding is required. We’ll work directly with interested Sector Partners to post "challenges" on the GeneSolve website, where researchers can submit proposed genomics solutions.

The Sector Partner and Genome BC then work together to select the research team whose proposed solution best fits the need. The selected research team then works with the Sector Partner to develop the research plan.

Companies across industry sectors are encouraged to contact Genome BC anytime to discuss how researchers can help solve your challenges through GeneSolve.

Important Documents

GeneSolve Program Guidelines