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Genome BC supports leading-edge technologies and translation of genomics into use in society by working in collaboration with sector partners like you.

Genome British Columbia will award up to $250,000 CDN per project, with a 1:1 match from your organization.

We work directly with you to post "challenges" on the GeneSolve website, where researchers can submit proposed genomics solutions.

Next, we work with you to select the research team whose proposed solution best fits your need. The selected research team then works directly with you to develop the research plan.

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Genome BC has a long history of innovation with BC’s Sector Partners


Sustainable bioenergy

Genomics was used to examine microbial ecology, mitigating risks associated with the accidental release of ethanol-blended fuels.


Ensuring effective treatment for Hep C patients

A genetic screening of Hep C patients predicts the effectiveness of a costly therapy before treatment begins.


Protecting kokanee salmon

Genomics provides a management tool for freshwater fisheries to inform prioritization of populations and resources.


Improved detection of avian flu

When surveillance techniques failed to predict the avian flu outbreak, ~240K birds and hundreds of millions of dollars were lost. Genomics provided new techniques that dramatically improved surveillance.


Enhanced breeding

Calculating Genomic Estimated Breeding Values (GEBV) for commercially important target traits in Western Red cedar.


Cleaning up oil sand process water

Genomics research is being used to find cost effective and efficient bio-remediation in Oils Sands process affected water (OSPW).